Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Janet Lovett – Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (physeqdiv)
Lucy Hadfield – Wellbeing Officer (panda_wellbeing)
Sebastian Schulz – Wellbeing Officer (panda_wellbeing)
Vivienne Wild – Deputy Director
Ian Bonnell – Head of School (hospanda)
Anna Conti – School President (physicspresident)
Linda Cousins – Admin Rep and Disabilities Officer
Helen Cammack – LGBTQIA+ Champion
Lethy Krishnan Jagadamma – Fellows Rep
Christopher Booth – Tech Rep
Simon Reynolds – Ordinary Member
Andreas Rost – CRS Staff Liaison
George Dwapanyin – CRS Rep
Michael Logue – PGR Rep (Astro)
Aveena Abee Varghese – PGR Rep (Physics)
Tomasz Plaskocinski – PGR Rep (Physics)
Kathryn Herschell – Equality and Diversity Awards Adviser, HR