Research impact

All research-active members of the School are engaged in impact activity.  Many of the School's impact projects benefit from external funding and involve collaborations with non-academic partners in the UK and abroad.

Project beneficiaries include a wide range of creative practitioners, heritage practitioners, archivists, NGOs and health practitioners, as well as the local community and internet-users worldwide.

Research impact projects

This project is underpinned by Julia Prest’s work on colonial-era theatre in the ‘French’ Caribbean, notably Martinique and Saint-Domingue.

Margarita Vaysman’s research on nineteenth-century women writers underpins this collaborative project aimed at popularising women’s creative history in Ukraine

This project grows out of Claire Whitehead’s research into the earliest examples of crime fiction written in Russian between 1860 and 1917.

Nicki Hitchcott’s research team transcribed, translated and analysed Rwandan genocide testimonies looking for signs of post-traumatic growth.

Will Fowler's book about Santa Anna marks a shift in the way Mexicans have come to view his actions and their country’s past.

This project emerges from Victoria Donovan’s research on post-industrial transformation and cultural identity politics in Ukraine.