Prof Gregory Lee

Prof Gregory Lee

Professor of Chinese Studies

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+44 (0)1334 46 3664
Room 303
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Monday 3-5


Research areas

Professor Lee specialises in the culture and cultural history of China and its diaspora from the nineteenth-century imagining of China the nation-state to today. His areas of interest include collective memory, censorship, the technical/technological society, the Anthopocene, and the ideology and representation of work. He is particularly interested in the contribution premodern, pre-Chinese thought — as found in the Zhuangzi 莊子 — may make to the resolution of contemporary problems.

His current research project involves creating an archive, and writing a multi-volume history, of Chinese culture 1976-2025. Amanda Mantong Zhang, Research Fellow, works alongside him on this project.

He has supervised numerous doctoral students in the fields of Chinese Studies and Transcultural Studies.

PhD supervision

  • Tianfang Diao
  • Xuanru Li
  • Zitao Zhao
  • Zifeng Pan
  • Tingting Zhong
  • Runyuan Bai
  • Alba Barrera

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