Prof Peter Donnelly

Prof Peter Donnelly

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Since taking up post as St Andrews first Professor of Public Health Medicine in September 2008 I have sought to build a team with diverse research interests. My personal focus is in two areas. Firstly violence reduction on which subject I work closely with The World Health Organisation and colleagues in a number of countries including South Africa, Jamaica and Lithuania. Closer to home I am evaluating a violence reduction and gang member rehabilitation programme in Glasgow and working on a number of issues related to the Scottish Government's equally well programme. My other area of interest is in Health Sytems; their organisation, funding, governance and accountability and how they can be optomised to maximise patient benefit and to reduce health inequalities.  In this area I have worked with the WHO, OECD, the Milbank Memorial Fund in New York and policy makers and politicians from around the world.  

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  • Laura Hay

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