About the School of Medicine

In 2010, the School of Medicine moved to modern facilities in the science campus at North Haugh. The building was purpose-built to match the School of Medicine’s redesigned curriculum, which meets the General Medical Council’s (GMC) aspirations for future undergraduate teaching.

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Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches have been central to the continued success of medical research in St Andrews. Research programmes in various aspects of cellular medicine, infection and global health, populations and behavioural sciences, and education are currently being promoted and extended.

Research facilities within the Medical School building provide the infrastructure and academic environment to ensure the sustained development and expansion of medical research in St Andrews in the future.

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The School of Medicine at St Andrews provides the unique opportunity for students to graduate after three years at St Andrews with a BSc Honours degree in Medicine. Afterwards, students can move on to one of the University's partner medical schools to complete a further three years of medical training and graduate with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB/MBBS).

A graduate entry medicine (ScotGEM) programme is offered in partnership with the University of Dundee, NHS Scotland and the University of the Highlands and Islands. This innovative four-year programme aims to develop generalist practitioners to meet the ongoing needs of NHS Scotland with a focus on rural medicine.

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Based in the heart of the science campus at North Haugh, the School of Medicine is in the Medical and Biological Sciences Building and is superbly equipped for teaching, research and conferences.

The dissecting room

The School has excellent facilities for anatomical teaching. The light, spacious and well-ventilated area has 16 tables for full body dissection and room to display hundreds of excellent models and specimens. The dissecting room is equipped with a technology infrastructure that enables students to access teaching resources at each table. Technicians and medical staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance. Full body dissection will continue to be relevant and important, and is valued by students and teachers.

Clinical skills suite

The clinical skills suite was designed to meet the needs of the St Andrews curriculum, it features 7 rooms containing 48 beds. All beds are equipped with ceiling mounted video capture and bed-head touch screens to allow instant playback or video resources. The centre features a full range of real and simulated clinical equipment. The suite is supported by the digital media team.

Medical resource centre

Equipped to the same specification as the clinical skills suite, the medical resource centre provides students with a self-help study space open 14 hours a day.

Anatomy resource centre

The anatomy resource centre is licensed to hold anatomical specimens in addition to online resources, images and textbooks. This area is a valuable space for private study for up to 40 students and is open for 14 hours each day.

Multi-purpose lab

The multi-purpose science lab is designed specifically to the BSc Hons course requirements of up to 100 students for practicals in physiology, pharmacology and histology. This room can also be used for small-group teaching and practical seminars or can be cleared for trade fairs or poster demonstrations.

Teaching rooms

The 300-seat lecture theatre, two 50-seat seminar rooms and thirteen 12-seat tutorial rooms provide an excellent learning and self-study facility. All are equipped with the most modern interactive display systems and are grouped round the cafe on the ground floor.

Study space

The medicine building provides a wide array of small rooms and open classroom-style desks as well as access to PCs and printing facilities. Most free study areas are available for up to 14 hours a day within the School building.