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Undergraduate modules

All modules available are listed below together with links to information concerning each module.


1000-level MT modules

MT1001 Introductory Mathematics
MT1002 Mathematics
MT1003 Pure and Applied Mathematics
MT1007 Statistics in Practice
MT1010 Topics in Mathematics: Problem-Solving Techniques
MT1901 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics (Evening degree programme only)

2000-level MT modules

MT2501 Linear Mathematics
MT2502 Analysis
MT2503 Multivariate Calculus
MT2504 Combinatorics and Probability
MT2505 Abstract Algebra
MT2506 Vector Calculus
MT2507 Mathematical Modelling
MT2508 Statistical Inference

3000-level MT modules

MT3501 Linear Mathematics 2
MT3502 Real Analysis
MT3503 Complex Analysis
MT3504 Differential Equations
MT3505 Algebra: Rings and Fields
MT3506 Techniques of Applied Mathematics
MT3507 Mathematical Statistics
MT3508 Applied Statistics
MT3802 Numerical Analysis
MT3832 Mathematical Programming
MT3852 Automata, Languages and Complexity

4000-level MT modules

MT4003 Groups
MT4004 Real and Abstract Analysis
MT4005 Linear and Nonlinear Waves
MT4111 Symbolic Computation
MT4112 Computing in Mathematics
MT4113 Computing in Statistics
MT4501 Topics in the History of Mathematics
MT4507 Classical Mechanics
MT4508 Dynamical Systems
MT4509 Fluid Dynamics
MT4510 Solar Theory
MT4511 Asymptotic Methods
MT4513 Fractal Geometry
MT4514 Graph Theory
MT4515 Functional Analysis
MT4516 Finite Mathematics
MT4519 Number Theory
MT4526 Topology
MT4527 Time Series Analysis
MT4528 Markov Chains and Processes
MT4530 Population Genetics
MT4531 Bayesian Inference
MT4537 Spatial Processes
MT4539 Quantitative Risk Management
MT4551 Financial Mathematics
MT4552 Mathematical Biology 1
MT4553 Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields
MT4599 Project in Mathematics / Statistics
MT4606 Statistical Inference
MT4607 Generalised Linear Models and Data Analysis
MT4608 Sampling Theory
MT4609 Multivariate Analysis
MT4614 Design of Experiments
MT4794 Joint Dissertation (30cr)
MT4796 Joint Project (30cr)

5000-level MT modules

Important note: Ongoing changes to 5000-Level provision within the School of Mathematics and Statistics are described ‌here (PDF, 69 KB).

MT5098 Group Dissertation for MSc Programmes (MSc programmes only)
MT5099 Dissertation for MSc Programmes (MSc programmes only)
MT5590 Independent Study Module (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5599 Advanced Project in Mathematics/Statistics (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5611 Advanced Symbolic Computation (until 2018/19 only)
MT5613 Advanced Topics in the History of Mathematics (MSc programmes only, until 2017/18 only)
MT5701 Advanced Statistical Inference (until 2017/18 only)
MT5731 Advanced Bayesian Inference (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5751 Estimating Animal Abundance
MT5758 Applied Multivariate Analysis
MT5761 Statistical Modelling
MT5762 Introductory Data Analysis (MSc programmes only)
MT5763 Software for Data Analysis
MT5764 Advanced Data Analysis
MT5765 Medical Statistics
MT5802 Advanced Analytical Techniques (until 2018/19 only)
MT5806 Advanced Computation Techniques (until 2018/19 only)
MT5809 Advanced Fluid Dynamics (until 2018/19 only)
MT5810 Advanced Solar Theory (until 2018/19 only)
MT5821 Advanced Combinatorics (until 2018/19 only)
MT5823 Semigroups (until 2018/19 only)
MT5824 Topics in Groups (until 2018/19 only)
MT5825 Measure and Probability Theory (until 2018/19 only)
MT5827 Lie Algebras (until 2017/18 only)
MT5830 Hyperbolic Geometry (until 2018/19 only)
MT5831 Advanced Bayesian Inference (until 2018/19 only)
MT5836 Galois Theory (until 2018/19 only)
MT5837 Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (until 2018/19 only)
MT5842 Advanced Analytical Techniques (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5846 Advanced Computational Techniques (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5849 Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5850 Advanced Solar Theory (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5852 Mathematical Biology 2 (until 2018/19 only)
MT5853 Mathematical Biology 2 (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5854 Mathematical Oncology (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5861 Advanced Combinatorics (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5863 Semigroups (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5864 Topics in Groups (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5865 Measure and Probability Theory (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5870 Hyperbolic Geometry (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5876 Galois Theory (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5877 Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (from 2019/20 onwards)
MT5990 Independent Study Module (until 2018/19 only)
MT5991 Professional Skills for Mathematical Scientists
MT5999 Advanced Project in Mathematics / Statistics  (final year of MMath or MPhys degrees only)

ID modules

ID1003 Great Ideas 1
ID2003 Science methods
ID2005 Scientific Thinking
ID5059 Knowledge Discovery and Datamining