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Research internships

There are various sources of funding to support students spending some time in St Andrews in the summer between their Junior and Senior Honours years and work in a research area of their choice.  The following lists some examples of such funding.

Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship Program

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme is sponsored by a generous donation from The Rt Hon Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay, an honorary graduate of the University. This exciting Programme, now in its third year, equips students with the skills and values to become leaders in their chosen occupations beyond University.

Interns will design, pursue and report on a research question of their own devising working on this research with an academic in their chosen School. Importantly, interns will also complete intensive, bespoke Leadership training sessions.

This programme is open to undergraduate students in their penultimate year of study. Please see the Laidlaw website for more information: The Laidlaw scholarship programme in research and leadership

Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme (URAS)

This programme was introduced to promote projects that emphasise the many ways in which Research and Teaching can come together and to give undergraduate students the opportunity to gain experience doing independent research. The URAS is open to any undergraduate student matriculated at the University of St Andrews.  URAS funding (currently at £50 per 6 hours of work, up to £2,000 per school) cannot be used to support research for a credit-bearing programme. The programme is administered by the Proctor’s Office.  For full details of the application process is found on the University website.