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Hannah worked at Leeds Univesity and Durham Univesity before Joining the University of St-Andrews. She was awarded a Master in Research (MRes – distinction) and MSc of Advanced Marketing (distinction) from Bradford School of Management. She was awarded her PhD without corrections from Bradford School of Management. Her PhD thesis, '(Re) Visiting female entrepreneurs: An emancipatory impulse', explores how the economic growth discourse shapes our understanding of women's entrepreneurial experience. Following her PhD, Hannah led a three-year project funded by the British Academy which was entitled 'The journey of female entrepreneurs in Yorkshire: An oral history perspective'. The project collected oral history accounts from female entrepreneurs to capture women's contributions to the UK economy and society. Hannah has recently secured new funding from the British Academy to lead an interdisciplinary network that explores the intersectionality of female entrepreneurs.

Hannah is also interested in exploring the experiences of social entrepreneurs, notably their ability to achieve their social goals given the current UK economic and political climate.

In her research, Hannah applies innovative qualitative research methods including historical approaches to the study of organisations. She presents regularly at international conferences and her paper on the discourses of entrepreneurial leadership was awarded the best paper for the International Small Business Journal for 2017.

Potential PhD applicants in the specific areas of my research interests are encouraged to contact me.


  • MN1001 Organisations and Society
  • MN3201 Research Methods 1
  • MN5515 Entrepreneurship and Business Development

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