Dr Boyka Bratanova

Dr Boyka Bratanova

Senior Lecturer in Management

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Before joining the School of Management in January 2016 as a Lecturer in Management I worked as a lecturer at Dundee Business School, Abertay University. Since the completion of my PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Melbourne, I have also held postdoctoral positions at the University of Surrey, UK (2010-2011), the Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium (2011-2012), and the University of Melbourne, Australia (2012-2014).


  • MN2001 Management and Society
  • MN5406 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research
  • MN4268 Equality and Diversity in Organisations
  • MN5499 Individual Dissertation Module

Research areas

My current research focuses on two related topics: sustainability and the effects of economic conditions on psychology and behaviour. In my research on sustainability I examine the moral bases of various types of pro-environmental and pro-social behaviour, such as sustainable food consumption, and support for pro-environmental and social welfare policies.

The second line of my research examines the effect of wealth and inequality on people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In order to reflect the multifaceted ways in which wealth and inequality shape human psychology, I examine the effects of these economic conditions on a range of outcome variables, including eating behaviour, cognitive performance, prejudice, and behaviours that maintain or challenge unequal systems. While this research concerned phenomena occurring in the broader society, these can be seamlessly applied to organisational settings and utilised to inform managerial practice. For instance, I am looking to extend this line of research to examine the effects of resource scarcity and salary dispersion within organisations on diversity-related issues, such as gender equality, and prejudice and discrimination against minority groups.

PhD supervision

  • Shuting Liu

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