Booking Main Library marketplace spaces

Who can book and what for?

Student societies, charities, any group with a direct affiliation to the University, and students working on relevant Library or Museums-related projects for coursework can make bookings for the three marketplace spaces outside the Main Library.

These are available for fundraising purposes from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. There are two spaces for event ticket sales and one space for a bake sale each day.

Except for University services, such as Student Services and Nightline, these spaces cannot be used for:

  • canvassing on behalf of groups or charities
  • information, publicity or promotional stands
  • giving away free samples.

The gravel area (opposite the Main Library and down to North Street) is not available for use at any time, with the only exception being the Students’ Association elections.

Please book a space using the Marketplace booking form. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and must be received at least one week in advance. There is no charge for booking a space.

Some rules apply for the use of the marketplace spaces.

For bake sales:

  • Maximum of one group per day
  • Groups can book one bake sale per week
  • Multiple bookings are not accepted
  • Baked goods (such as cakes or biscuits) only can be sold in these spaces and not any other types of food or drink
  • All persons preparing and selling food for bake sales must observe good food hygiene
  • Ingredients must be clearly labelled with allergens in bold print for all baked goods

Event ticket sales:

  • Maximum of two groups per day
  • Groups can book a maximum of two days per week
  • Only University event tickets can be sold

Conditions of booking

For bake sales, groups must agree to comply with good food handling guidelines and display ingredients and allergens clearly.

To avoid multiple bookings being made for the same group, student groups should co-ordinate bookings within their membership and decide on one person to submit a booking form.

For health and safety reasons, doorways and walkways must always be kept clear to allow users to enter and leave the building, and tables should be set up at the side of the building (near the windows).

Please note:

  • No items other than baked goods or event tickets can be sold outside the Main Library
  • Groups are required to bring their own tables and chairs with them on the day, if required
  • The Main Library does not have facilities to store furniture or goods on behalf of groups
  • Banners and posters should not be displayed on the building

Should groups fail to follow these guidelines, including the listing of ingredients and allergens for any baked goods, Libraries and Museums reserve the right to refuse any future booking requests from them.