Coronavirus information and guidance

Library representatives

Each School is asked to nominate a staff member as their Library Representative, preferably a member of academic staff. Library Representatives work closely with the Liaison Librarian for their School to ensure good communication between the School and the Library. This communication is both ways – keeping your School informed of Library matters and keeping the Library informed about the learning, teaching and research needs of your School.

Information and guidance is available in Library representative guidance (PDF)

School representatives

SchoolDepartmentNameExtension NumberEmail
Art History   Mr Andrew Demetrius 2390
Biology   Ms Donna Pierz-Fennell 3626
Chemistry   Dr Petr Kilian

Classics   Dr Andrea Brock 

Computer Science   Dr Alan Miller 3261
Divinity   Dr David Johnston
Earth & Environmental Sciences   Dr James Rae 3910
Economics & Finance   Dr Radek Stefanski 2451
English   Dr Matthew Augustine 2687
Geography & Sustainable Development   Dr Katherine Roucoux 4025
History   Dr Alex Woolf 2880
International Education Institute   Ms Lorna Fleming 2645
International Relations   Professor Caron Gentry 2991
Management   Dr Eleanor Burt 2804
Mathematics & Statistics   Professor Lars Olsen 3437
Medicine   Professor Andy Lynch 3700
Modern Languages   Dr Ros Holmes 3677
Music Centre   Dr Jane Pettegree 2239
Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies Film Studies Dr Zoë Shacklock 2448
  Philosophy Dr Jason Carter TBC
  Social Anthropology Dr Stephanie Bunn 2997
Physics & Astronomy   Dr Hongsheng Zhao   3135
Psychology   Dr Helen Sunderland 2071