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Welcome to the Technology Transfer Centre

About the Technology Transfer Centre

The TTC is led by an Interim Head of Technology Transfer, supported by an Intellectual Property Manager, two Commercialisation Managers and a Unit Administrator. The TTC also has consultancy support for digitising existing records and for the management of the license portfolio.

What We do

The Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) supports the University Strategy through the translation of knowledge and intellectual property (IP). It aims to enhance the impact of our research portfolio through engagement with industry and non-industry partners.

The TTC's core objectives are:

  1. Management of the University's IP portfolio
  2. Providing support for Translational Funding bids with the aim of developing early stage technology thereby reducing the risk for potential partners
  3. Commercialisation of technology
  4. Post deal management

Management of the IP Portfolio

The TTC will:

  • Work with academic colleagues to evaluate invention disclosures to include due diligence
  • Coordinate drafting of patent applications and patent prosecution using external patent agents
  • Manage the portfolio and ensure academic colleagues are kept informed of progress
  • Liaise with other research support functions to provide advice on IP to support funding applications and impact
  • Maintain a database of inventions, IP prosecution and associated deals

TTC staff will provide advice on a range of IP matters including copyrightdesign rightspatents and trademarks.

For more information on IP management at the University of St Andrews please contact us via email at USTAN IP.

Translational Funding

Translational funding is an important tool in bridging the gap between early stage technology and commercialisation. Various funding sources exist and the TTC will support applications for development and translation funding, working closely with the research support functions of the Finance Department (Research Business Development and Contracts and Finance Advice and Support teams).

Commercialisation of Technology

The TTC will assist university staff in the commercialisation of the research outputs which will include: 

  • Supporting successful commercialisation of university generated knowledge working with a range of internal and external stakeholders
  • Undertaking due diligence and market assessment
  • Leading on contractual negotiation of the commercial terms of licenses with external parties
  • Support Company Formation by working closely with SOI Group Ltd who provide focussed support to spin out opportunities from the University of St Andrews.

For more information on commercialisation, please email TTC Administration.

Post Deal Management

The TTC manages post agreement compliance for all deals relating to IP. These include assignations, options, inter-institutional agreements and licences, and includes various activities such as:

  • Patent and legal cost tracking
  • Patent cost recovery
  • Reporting obligation for USTAN and third parties
  • Income distribution
  • Financial reporting

For more information on commercialisation, please email TTC Administration.



Technology Transfer Centre

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