Dr Jasmine K. Gani

Dr Jasmine K. Gani

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Jasmine Gani is Senior Lecturer in the School of International Relations and Co-Director of the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St Andrews. Her research focuses on:

  •  The history of European and US empires in the Middle East and Asia;
  • US-Syrian relations;
  • Anti-colonial history, theology, and political thought;
  • Ideologies and social movements

Her recent projects include articles on racial militarism in Europe and Syria; Orientalist discourse and policy in the west after the Arab Uprisings; and anti-colonial connectivity between Arab and South Asian Islamic social movements. She co-edited (with Jenna Marshall) the 100th Anniversary Special Issue of International Affairs and her next book project focuses on imperialist ideology in US-Syrian relations.

Dr Gani holds a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the LSE and a visiting scholar at Georgetown University with the Centre for Contemporary Arab Studies. Within the University, she is a member of the Institution Race Equality Group, the Refugee and Forced Migration Network, and the BAME network. She is member of the national QAA Advisory Group for politics and International Relations. She also sits on the editorial board of the journal Contemporary Voices in IR and was an editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies (vol. 39). Open access versions of her publications are posted on jasminekgani.wordpress.com.


Sub-Honours Teaching

  • IR1005 Concepts in Global Politics (Lectures on "State, Sovereignty, and Nationalism")
  • IR2005 Theoretical Approaches to International Relations (Lectures on "Postcolonialism and Decoloniality")

Honours Teaching

  • IR3303 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • IR4600 Ideologies and Social Movements in the Middle East

MLitt Teaching

  • IR5067 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

PhD Supervision

Dr Gani's PhD students are working on the following projects:

  • Sectarianisation and securitisation of the uprisings in Syria and Bahrain
  • British colonialism and racialisation of national identity and migration in the Gulf
  • Dislocation and resettlement of indigenous communities in the US
  • Coloniality of knowledge production and anti-colonial thought in British Malaya
  • Race, citizenship, and exclusion in British media and political discourse

Research areas

  • Research interests: US & European empires in the Middle East and Asia; anti-colonial history & political thought; US-Syrian Relations
  • Current Projects: coloniality in postcolonial states; imperialist ideology in US policy towards Syria; Islamic anti-colonialism; Decolonising methodology; International Affairs 100th Anniversary special issue.
  • I welcome PhD students researching the above topics, plus race & nationalism in UK/ France; Islamic political thought.
  • Open access versions of my publications are posted on jasminekgani.wordpress.com.

PhD supervision

  • Aisha Alrashdi
  • Hessa Alnuaimi
  • Muneerah Ab Razak
  • Sepideh Azarbaijani-Moghaddam
  • Bennett Collins
  • Kasia Durkan
  • Ryan Swan
  • Sima Aldardari
  • Francis Lyon
  • Sarah Gharib Seif

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