Prof Andrew Pettegree

Prof Andrew Pettegree

Bishop Wardlaw Professor

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St John's House
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On Research Leave (Semester 1), Thursday 4pm to 5pm (Semester 2)


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I began my career working on aspects of the European Reformation. My first book was a study of religious refugee communities in the sixteenth century, and since then I have published on the Dutch Revolt, and on the Reformation in Germany, France and England, as well as a general survey history of the sixteenth century. In the last years the focus of my research has shifted towards an interest in the history of communication, and especially the history of the book. I run a research group that in 2011 completed a survey of all books published before 1601: the Universal Short Title Catalogue. This survey has now been extended to 1650, offering data on 750,000 works with the location of four million surviving copies.

In 2010 I published an award-winning study of The Book in the Renaissance, and in 2014 The Invention of News: a study of the birth of a commercial culture of news publication in the four centuries between 1400 and 1800. I return to the Reformation for a study of Luther’s media strategy, published in 2015 by Penguin as Brand Luther, 1517, Printing and the Making of the Reformation. In 2019 I co-authored a study of the book culture of the Dutch republic, Bookshop of the World, followed in 2020 with The Dutch republic and the Birth of Modern Advertising.

I am the founding editor of two monograph series: the St Andrews Studies in Reformation History, and The Library of the Written Word. In 2012-2015 I served a three year term as Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society.

I welcome enquiries from potential postgraduate students working on any aspect of the Reformation or Book History. 

PhD supervision

  • James McCall
  • Giovanni Petrocelli
  • Jacob Baxter
  • Chloe Akers
  • Saba Alkuwari
  • Sukwoo Choi
  • Alexa Zildjian
  • Basil Bowdler
  • Adyan Sharda
  • Barnaby Cullen
  • Maria Zukovs
  • Zachary Brookman
  • Mhairi Winfield

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