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Elspeth Graham studies population change and health variations. Current research projects focus on: (a)  fertility change in Europe in the context of the economic recession; (b) the impact of parental migration on children left behind in South-East Asia; (c) residential age segregation in the UK; and (d) upward health transfers between adult children and their parents. Other recent projects have examined local 'cultures' of fertility, intergenerational relationships and family formation, and socio-spatial mobility. She continues to work on theory and method in human geography and demography, especially the development of mixed-methods research.

She leads inter-disciplinary research teams in the UK (as Co-Director and Scottish Coordinator of the ESRC Centre for Population Change) and Southeast Asia (as joint PI on the CHAMPSEA project). Recent postgraduates under her supervision have researched the urban housing market and geographical variations in partnership and fertility, and the relationships between neighbourhood regeneration and community health.     

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