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A screening in School III - our annual silent film show with live musical accompaniment
A screening in School III - The Department's annual silent film show with live musical accompaniment

The Department of Film Studies uses several dedicated teaching rooms, all of which have been fitted with Blu-ray players for screenings.

The Byre conference room

All Honours and MA seminars take place in a specially fitted teaching room in the recently re-opened Byre Theatre. 3D projection for seminars and screenings is available, and the layout is designed to promote student-led discussion.

The Byre studio theatre

This bigger space is used for student presentation sessions, as well as for special screening series and a series of research presentations.

The Film Studies boardroom

This is a dedicated teaching space, which includes Virtual Reality facilities, located in the Department building on 99 North Street. All first and second year tutorials are located in this room, which features a large projection screen.

Buchanan Lecture Theatre

Recently renovated with state-of the art projection facilities, the Buchanan Lecture Theatre is the lecture and screening space for first and second year classes.


The Library houses a growing collection of international films, books, and journals.

The collection consists of over 5,500 books classified under Film Studies and related subjects (from a collection of over 1.2 million print monographs and 69,000 electronic books). It also includes approximately 100 film, television and media-related journals (over 65 available electronically).

The Library hosts one of the best collections of international cinema on DVD, holding over 9,300 AV materials and including a range of extremely rare films and holdings. The University has access to specialist databases for Film Studies. These include:

  • Box of Broadcasts
  • Film Indexes Online
  • Film and Television Literature Index Full-text
  • British Universities Film
  • Video Council (BUFVC)
  • British Universities Newsreel Database (BUND)
  • Ethnographic Video Online.

Through the University’s Library Enhancement Fund the Department has acquired a range of specialist materials, including rare film collections and databases. These include:

  • "Pioneers of African-American Cinema" film collection
  • Jonas Mekas: The Major Works
  • Jean Rouch: Six Films (Jaguar/ The Lion Hunters/ Little By Little/ Moi, Un Noir/ Mammy Water/ The Mad Masters)
  • Counter-Music (Harun Farocki, 2004)
  • Parallele I-IV (Harun Farocki, 2012)
  • Warner Collection Archive (70 additional titles to complete existing holdings)
  • Video in the Villages collection from DER
  • Third World Newsreel – the indigenous videos made by CEFREC-CAIB
  • Leena Manimekalai (collection of 12 DVDs)
  • Complete films of Anand Patwardhan
  • Arthur Lipsett films
  • Rare DVDs Documentary and Experimental Film – selection of 15 titles
  • Queer cinema – selection of ten titles including work of Andy Warhol, Barbara Hammer, Sadie Benning and Su Friedrich
  • Documentaries – selection of nine titles including work of Frederick Wiseman and Guillermo Gomez-Pena
  • Experimental Film – selection of 48 titles (including work of Bruce Baillie,  Ken Jacobs, Jordan Belson and Kurt Kren)
  • Asian Studies in Video (online database)
  • Ethnographic Video Online I and II (online database)