Module results reporting

Each School (or department) should have an official designated member of staff who is responsible for signing off module results. The member of staff should be the Head of School, Director of Teaching, or an authorised examinations officer.  

Reporting deadlines

Deadlines for reporting module results are available in the ‘Key dates and deadlines for staff’ document on the semester dates page.

How to report results

Schools must use the Module Management System (MMS) to report module results after exam diets in May, January and August. They should also use MMS to conclude deferred or undecided results.

After submitting modules results through MMS, Schools must also submit the following forms attesting the approval of the process by the examining board, including external examiners, to Registry ( 

Distance learning or non-standard modules

For non-standard or distance learning modules, Schools should also use MMS to report results.

However, Schools must first notify the assessment and awards team (email or phone +44 (0)1334 46 4100) before using the system so that they can ensure the appropriate functionality is available in MMS.

Grade descriptors

To report a module result, use the following module grades alongside the numeric marks from the common reporting scale.

Grade Description Numeric result
P Pass 7.0 to 20.0
P Pass for pass/fail modules 0.0
F Fail with right to re-assessment 4.0 to 6.9
F Fail with no right to re-assessment 0.0 to 3.9
F Fail for pass/fail modules 0.0
X Failed to meet module requirements

Applies where a student has failed to complete the work of a module without good reason or where a student does not register for, or does not attend, any exam without good reason. The student is not entitled to a re-assessment opportunity for this module.
D Deferred

Applies if there is a good medical or personal reason for a student’s inability to complete any part of the assessment requirements. Arrangements must be made locally to complete the assessment and report the deferred result. Please enter an expected date of submission for the deferred assessment.
Z No result reported, although expected

Applies when a student’s module result is unresolved due to mitigating circumstances or some other valid reason. Please enter a brief comment and submit supporting documentation to Registry. This code should only be left temporarily on a student record.  
S Special circumstances

Applies if a student’s module was affected by special circumstances. The grade should not be altered but reported with the annotation ‘S’ (for example, ‘6.0 S’).  
0.0 to 20.0 
V Void

Applies for mitigating circumstances where the module is not included in classification.  
A Audited

Applies to modules not taken for a grade or credit.  
PC Grade capped

Applies to modules capped due to academic misconduct.  
0.0 to 7.0 
XC Fail – academic misconduct

Zero for the module with the right to retake the module for credit only.  
XN Fail – academic misconduct

Zero for the module and no right to take an additional module.  
XR Fail – academic misconduct

Zero for the module with the right to take an additional module for credit only.