Annual Academic Monitoring

Annual Academic Monitoring (AAM) is an important University procedure for the quality assurance and enhancement of learning and teaching at St Andrews. The AAM process requires all Schools/Departments in the University to submit an annual report to the Academic Monitoring Group reflecting on their previous year's teaching. 

The Annual Academic Monitoring handbook outlines the process and timeline and offers guidance to Schools/Departments. The deadline for submission of the AAM report is in August each year.  Schools/Departments will be notified of the exact date in Semester 2. 

AAM dialogues are usually held in October or November each year. Those scheduled for a dialogue will be contacted once dates have been confirmed. Please refer to the AAM Dialogue schedule (Word) to check where your School/Department falls within the three-year cycle.

This regular monitoring of quality and standards is supplemented by a more thorough review, with external participation, every six years through a programme of University-led reviews of learning and teaching