Academic alerts

An academic alert is a notice sent to you by email and copied to those who can provide support and guidance if you are at risk of encountering academic problems. Most academic alerts are issued because of absence from compulsory elements of your studies, or failure to submit coursework.

Each academic alert will state the cause of the alert and tell you what you need to do to address this concern. You must take the necessary action outlined in the email to resolve this alert. This may involve contacting your adviser of studies, the module coordinator, or another named member of University staff. The members of staff named in the alert email will be expecting to hear from you and they will be able to advise you on the steps to take to resolve the alert.

Unresolved academic alerts are monitored by Student Services for pastoral purposes, and by Registry (for students studying on Student visas) to ensure compliance with UKVI requirements (see also: compliance).

Academic alerts do not appear on your transcript. They are intended to give you early notice of potential problems while you still have an opportunity to address them.

Academic alerts are module-specific. The official rules are given in the policy on Academic Alerts, with further information in the Academic Alerts Guidance for Students.

These differ from the academic intervention process, which is intended to give you early warning of academic problems. The intervention process operates over all modules, and such warnings are sent after module results are published.