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Third Generation Project

Education is a critical element in the fight against climate change, and the Third Generation Project, an international think tank based at the University of St Andrews, uses innovative methods to place the people most impacted by climate change at the heart of a progressive education agenda. 

Whether developing educational materials for schools in its Breaking the 4th Wall of Climate Migration project; training the next generation of university researchers through its Emerging Researchers Programme; or educating policymakers, practitioners and the wider public through a range of different research and engagement initiatives, workshops and collaborations, the Third Generation Project knows that those already dealing with the effects of climate change are those whose voices are already the most marginalised, both in Scotland and abroad.

By using an approach focused on community-led or, at the very least, community-informed, research and education we hope to create opportunities for learning that amplify these voices in a way that is collaborative and committed to addressing the human impacts of climate change.