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St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology 

The St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology (SAET) is a free-to-access, online encyclopaedia of the highest academic standards, treating the full discipline of Theology with rigour and clarity.  The project is based within the St Mary’s College School of Divinity here at the University of St Andrews, which has a proud 500 year history of the study and teaching of Theology.

The St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology is coming into being through the hard work and dedication of many members of the academic community around the world. Some serve as editors; others, advisers; many more, contributors; and still more, peer reviewers. All share a commitment to making the highest quality theological scholarship freely available to all, both within the academic community and beyond it for those interested in theology and faith.

As a collaborative and ongoing construction effort, the Encyclopaedia is being built article by article.  Your support will help us to:

  • Recruit and retain the very best academic editors to lead the development of each section of the Encyclopaedia.
  • Commission articles on all aspects of theology from the leading academics in their fields to ensure that the Encyclopaedia is a rich, rigorous and comprehensive resource for all.
  • Enable the Encyclopaedia to make its scholarship available in areas of the world where access to free reference materials is not possible or limited.
  • Digitise the resources created by our leading academics and maintain the website.
  • Publicise the Encyclopaedia as a resource for students, academics and the interested public.

You can donate now by following the relevant link below. Alternatively you can speak to Alex Hayes or Craig Rutherford in the St Andrews Development Office about how you can help further.