Aims and values

Using our rich cultural and lived experiences we want to be actively involved in the evolution of society to make it fairer for everyone.

We aim to provide a means of representation, to engender a greater sense of belonging and to act intentionally to create a fairer, more inclusive extended St Andrews community (alumni, staff, current students and their families) and beyond.


We recognise difference as positive and essential and that truly diverse communities benefit from engaging, growing and learning from a range of experiences and perspectives. 

We aim to highlight the wide range of ethnic and cultural experiences and expertise among the graduates of the University to celebrate their achievements and provide encouragement and inspiration for their contemporaries, as well as those who came before them and will come after them.


We recognise that people need to feel a sense of belonging without having to conform to pressure to homogenise their identity or life circumstances.  

We aim to facilitate and participate in meaningful discussion about excellence and achievements with our graduates and wider society so that everyone has a chance to flourish and feel that they belong.

Equity and equality

We all have to act intentionally to make a fairer society for everyone. We recognise that people of colour often face significant challenges that originate in historic systemic inequalities, and we want to do something about it.

Our aim is to facilitate discussion and connections between our diverse graduate community and the wider St Andrews community – including current and future students and their parents or guardians – to inspire and effect change in society by leading by example.