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The Multilingual Mind: a Modular Processing Perspective

Michael Sharwood Smith, MA 1966

Language lies at the heart of the way we think, communicate and view the world. Most people on this planet are in some sense multilingual. The Multilingual Mind explores, within a processing perspective, how languages share space and interact in our minds. 

The mental architecture proposed in this volume permits research across many domains in cognitive science to be integrated and explored within one explanatory framework, recasting compatible insights and findings in terms of a common set of terms and concepts. The MOGUL framework has already proven effective for shedding light on the relationship between processing and learning, metalinguistic knowledge, consciousness, optionality, crosslinguistic influence, the initial state, 'UG access', ultimate attainment, input enhancement, and even language instruction. This groundbreaking work will be essential reading for linguists working in language acquisition, multilingualism, language processing and for those working in related areas of psychology, neurology and cognitive science. 
The book: 
  • discusses language within a broader framework of cognition and integrates compatible perspectives from specialist fields 
  • integrates current trends in cognitive science so readers can gain easy access to relevant research from different disciplines 
  • treats multilingualism and second language acquisition as particular instances of language acquisition so readers can learn about broader based approaches to language learning.

ISBN: 978-1-107-04085-4