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Children's Literature

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Title Author(s)
Angus the Golf Cow: What a Shot!Ramsey Ross, MA 2011; Connor Danilson, MA 2014
Brahe i Kepler. El misteri d'una mort inesperada.M Pilar Gil, Mlitt 2016
Coco the CatAlison Wainwright, MA 1999
Creixer amb PoeM Pilar Gil, Mlitt 2016
Dark TerrorJohn Wilson, BSc. 1974
How to NOT go to SchoolMichael Forde, MA 2014
I Love St AndrewsCarly Brown, MA 2014, Illustrated by Gillian Gamble
La llum d'Alexandria (and others in collection)M Pilar Gil, Mlitt 2016
None of Us the SameJeffrey Walker, 1980-1981 (Junior Year Abroad)
Scary Scottish CastlesDebbie Jackson, MLitt 2000
The Ethereal RealmsChristopher Eyte, MA 2001
The Exchange TripAlison Wainwright, MA 1999
The Wreck of the ArgyllJohn Fulton, MA 1992
Trois histoires de récréationNicholas Jaeger, MA1967
Ulster Fairytales and LegendsNicola Heaney, MA 2003, and Peter Heaney