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Prof Wuzong Zhou


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Wuzong Zhou received his BA degree in 1982 at Fudan University, Shanghai, and his PhD degree (supervised by Dr. David A Jefferson and Prof. Sir John M. Thomas) in 1988 at University of Cambridge. He worked in Cambridge until 1999 as Research Fellow in Queens' College, Research Assistant, Research Associate, and Assistant Director of Research. In 1999, he moved to University of St Andrews as a Scientific Officer and have been working in School of Chemistry since then.


Wuzong Zhou contributes to teaching at various levels. He is involved in modules of CH2701: Physical Chemistry II (module convener, Lab demonstrator), CH3715: Introduction to Analysis of Materials (6 lectures), CH5717: Nanostructural Materials (10 lectures, module convener). He gives postgraduate lectures: Practical Electron Microscopy (10 lectures). He also contributes to tutorials for CH1401: Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, CH2701: Physical Chemistry II, CH4461/5461: Interating Chemistry. He regularly acts as an academic monitor for external placements (CH4441), supervisor for third year minprojects (CH3441), and final year research projects (CH4442/CH5442).

Research areas

Zhou's research focusses on microstructures of solid state materials and non-classical crystal growth. In particular, his recent interests cover formation mechsnisms of crystal defects and their properties. Oxygen vacancies in many oxides are commonly believed to be active sites for catalytic reduction of oxugenated species. Asymmetrical oxygen vacancies coordinated with different metal cations allow us to tune the adsorption/desorption properties of the sites. Interaction of nanocrystallites are investigated in order to understand the principles of self-orientation, self-assembly and reversed crystal growth.

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