Prof John Irvine

Prof John Irvine


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+44 (0)1334 46 3817


Research areas

My research interests are in the study of inorganic materials, at the interface between solid state chemistry, condensed matter physics and ceramics. The major themes of this research are as follows:

1. Synthesis and development of new inorganic solids with useful and important electrochemical, electrical and magnetic properties. 2. Study of the relationships between stoichiometry, structure and electronic and ionic transport properties. 3. Optimisation of properties by control of composition and microstructure and development of improved materials for important applications in energy technology.

PhD supervision

  • Shangshang Zuo
  • Hong Zhang
  • Atia Azad
  • Zipei Wan
  • Seo Jin Kim
  • Chinnasamy Murugesan
  • Xinyu Liu
  • Xuefa Xia
  • Huseyin Unsal
  • Andrea Veronese
  • Grant Stone
  • Josin Jose
  • Kashif Iqbal
  • Yingling Liao
  • Roxana Murgu
  • Mina Ardani
  • Manikandan Chithravelu
  • Bo Yu
  • Jair Triana Pequeno
  • Debbie Redpath
  • Yuri Hirano
  • Timothy Weiss
  • Zhi Xia
  • Ziming Peng
  • Haodong Wu
  • Jiaxin Ding
  • Byeongyun Jeong
  • Yuan Liao
  • Demeke Fantaw Tegegne
  • Katherine Bateman
  • Nur Faezah Ibadat
  • Naicai Zhang

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