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Prof Terry K Smith

Prof Terry K Smith


Director of Biomedical Sciences Research Complex

Researcher profile

+44 (0)1334 463412


Research areas


1) Biosynthesis and uptake of phospholipids in protozoan parasites.


2) The enzymology of biosynthetic enzymes in parasites.


3) Lipidomics and focussed metabolomics of pathogens.


4) Carbohydrate synthesis and ?simple? chemistry towards drugs for neglected disease.


5) Structure, function & biosynthesis of parasite glycoconjugates including GPI anchors.


PhD supervision

  • Jagwinder Dhaliwal
  • Leigh-Ann Booth
  • Michela Cerone
  • Vanya Metodieva
  • Rebecca Woods
  • William Mosedale
  • Rachel Humann

Selected publications


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