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Prof Oscar Gaggiotti

Prof Oscar Gaggiotti


Researcher profile

+44 (0)1334 463513


Research areas

Oscar Gaggiotti is a MASTS professor. His research focuses on the study of spatial patterns of genetic diversity to better understand the evolutionary and ecological processes responsible for their origin
and maintenance. To this end he develops ecologically realistic population genetics theory and methods using a framework based on the metapopulation paradigm and Bayesian statistics.

With his research group he has developed several statistical approaches that can simultaneously utilize the information provided by different types of data (genetic, demographic, environmental) and has applied them to two research problems:

  • Statistical inference of the demographic history and ecology of populations,
  • Study of local adaptation to understand the molecular bases of phenotypic variation.

PhD supervision

  • Xinghu Qin
  • Aubrie Booth

Selected publications


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