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Prof John Tucker

Emeritus Professor

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Cytoskeletal assembly during tissue morphogenesis

Investigations deal mainly with the roles of microtubule-organizing centres during the development of certain animal tissues. Microtubule assembly during tissue morphogenesis and in reponse to experimentally induced perturbations is largely monitored using transmission electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy in conjunction with antibodies and green fluorescent protein. Current studies are mainly concerned with control of microtubule positioning during cell differentiation in primary embryonic Drosophila cell cultures.

My studies of microtubules have involved investigations of the following fundamental cell functions, on occasion: mitosis, anaphase chromosome movement, cell division, cleavage furrow formation, cell motility, cell locomotion, cell shaping, cytoplasmic streaming, endocytosis, tissue morphogenesis, positioning of centrioles and basal bodies, organelle assembly and replication, deployment of microfilaments and intermediate filaments, cell adhesion, collagen secretion and alignment, and oogenesis

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