Sir Walter Scott Medal Awarded to Kate Rudy

15 January 2020

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy, is to present Professor Kathryn Rudy with the award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to art history.

The judges concluded that her capacity for lateral thinking had allowed Professor Rudy to examine a large corpus of manuscripts in ways unexplored by previous scholars.

Professor Rudy said: “None of this work has taken place in a vacuum, and I so grateful to everyone who has nurtured my work: funders, librarians, cataloguers, editors, publishers, the University of St Andrews for its generous leave enabling me to hike, think and write; and of course my friends, colleagues and students in Scotland and beyond.”

The Walter Scott Medal is presented each year to an exceptional individual who has demonstrated lifelong dedication and made an outstanding contribution to the humanities or social sciences.

Professor Rudy’s award was part of an announcement of five major RSE awards for eminent scientists and researchers from four Scottish universities in recognition of their contributions and achievements in their respective fields of study.

The recipients will be presented with their medals at a presidential reception in Edinburgh in September 2020.