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What is the most interesting/surprising thing you have learned so far in your Art History studies?

In my current class, we're learning about the relationships between images and knowledge in early modern Europe turns out that many artists would sell drawings of creatures from the new world as factually accurate images, despite their never having seen that animal before!

Why did you choose to study Art History at St Andrews?

I took AP Art History in high school, and when applying to universities I heard that St Andrews is famous for its Art History school, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore a subject that I'd really enjoyed previously.

What Art History paper have you written that you are most proud of? Why?

In my second year, I wrote a seminar paper on Bernini's sculpting techniques, particularly seen in his Ecstasy of St Theresa sculpture. It definitely wasn't my highest mark, but I'm proud of the paper because I think when you study famous works of art every day you get a bit desensitised to the incredible mastery it takes to make these things. In the process of writing that paper, I got to dig into the aspects of Bernini's work that have made him legendary, and it gave me a newfound appreciation for what we study in general.