Principal Investigator: Dr. Carlos Penedo


Carlos Penedo

Principal Investigator

School of Physics and Astronomy and

Biomedical Science Research Complex (BSRC)

Email:jcp10 at

Euan S. Shaw (Postdoc)

Co-supervisor: Prof Ifor Samuel

Research Area: Microscopy techniques, exciton diffusion imaging

Email: ess24 at


Sankar Jana (Royal Society Newton Fellow)

Research Area: Novel probes for nanometer-size distance measurements. Development of TWIN-FRET

Email: TBA at


Alfonso Brenlla Lopez (Postdoc)

Co-supervisor: Ifor Samuel

Research Area: Conformation of conjugated polymers, magnetic tweezers, single-molecule spectroscopy

Email: abl21 at


Remi Fritzen (ISSF PhD Student)

Research Area: Nucleotide excision repair. Single-molecule dynamics of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions

Co-supervisor: Prof M. F. White

Email: rf79 at


Francisco Tenopala-Carmona (Condensed Matter DTC / PhD Student)

Co-supervisor: Prof Ifor Samuel

Research Area: single-molecule studies of conjugated polymers

Email: ftc2 at


Tiange Li (CSC Fellow/PhD Student)

Co-supervisor: Christos Pliotas

Research Area: Single-molecule studies of mechanosensitive membrane proteins

Email: tl65 at



Former Members

Dr. Steven D. Quinn

(Current position: Lecturer at Leeds University)

Dr. Paul A. Dalgarno

(Current position: Lecturer at Heriot-Watt University)

Dr. Tim. D. Craggs

(Current position: Lecturer at Sheffield University)


Dr. Jose A. Peregrina


Dr. Michael Morten

(Current position: PDRA at Columbia University)

Dr. Kaley McCluskey

(Current position: PDRA at TU Delft)


Dr. Cibran Perez-Gonzalez

(Current position: PDRA at Santiago de Compostela University)