Last update: 8-02-2020

Postgraduate Students

Paul Ross
(PhD candidate)


His research concerns climate reconstruction using tree ring-derived data from Scots pine. I am taking a dendroecological approach to explore how variation in a forest's local environment influences climate reconstruction

Lucie Luecke
(PhD candidate at Edinburgh)


Primary supervisor with Gabi Hegerl.


PhD Title: 'Causes of regional climate variability over the last Millennium'


Defended PG students

Chris Sargeant
(PhD candidate)


Primary supervisor was Micheal Singer.

His research focused on riparian hydrology and its linkages with the overlying forest ecosystem. Isotopes, isotopes and more isotopes!!

PhD Title: 'The application of highly resolved tree-ring isotopes for reconstructing the ecohydrological interactions within riparian forests'

Defended November 2017

Graham Hambley


Administrative supervisor since Tim Hill left.

His research focusses on looking at the effect of forest-to-bog restoration on GHG fluxes from flow country peatlands using Eddy Covariance

PhD Title: 'The effect of forest-to-bog restoration on net ecosystem exchange in The Flow Country peatlands'

Defended August 2016

Milos Rydval


Poor Milos is being brainwashed by Rob - another tree-ring fanatic.

Funded through the Carnegie Trust to reconstruct past Scottish summer temperatures using tree-rings. This project is part of the wider Scottish Pine Project.

PhD Title: 'Dendroclimatic Reconstruction of Late Holocene Summer Temperatures in the Scottish Highlands'

Defended November 2015

Meritxell Ramírez-Ollé


I inherited a social scientist as a “temporary” lab rat. Meri is busy getting her teeth into understanding dendrochronology – helping both with lab and fieldwork. Kudos!!

PhD Title: 'The Making of Dendroclimatological Knowledge: A Symmetrical Account of Trust and Scepticism in Science'

Defended 2015

Dr. Cheryl Wood


Aimed to do the impossible - not only working with tropical wood but playing around with stable isotopes and trace elements as well.

PhD Title: Validating Calcium Tracer Based Tree-Ring Dating Method For Tropical Wood

Defended 2014

Cheryl was the lab technician through to 2017.

Dr. Keziah Stott


Another imposter in the lab. Keziah is working with the marine mollusc Arctica islandica (L.) to study environmental change in the NE Atlantic region.

PhD Title: Assessing Arctica islandica as a proxy for Scottish Marine Climate Change

Now a lecturer at Keele University

MSc students

Duncan Misfud
(MSc 2019)

GeoChemistry student at St Andrews - co-supervised with Eva Stueeken

Project title: 'The Use of Dendrochemistry as a Spatio-Temporal Monitoring Tool for NOx Pollution in Malta'

Laura Mcglynn
(MSc 2014)

MSc at Stockholm University with Dr Björn Gunnarson. She measured maximum density data from two sites in the Cairngorms for comparison with the blue intensity parameter. This project is part of the Scottish Pine Project.

Terri Fish
(MSc 2007)

Thesis Title: Dendroecological Studies of Scots Pine in the Glen Affric Region of Scotland


Undergraduate Students

Alice Booth - (2019) - Can Blue Intensity Improve Temperature Reconstructions for South America?

Peter Seaton - (2019) - Can Bog Pines Be Used To Reconstruct Climate?

Isabel Diane Jacobson - (2019) - Investigating the potential of trees as a dendrochemical proxy for mining pollution

Rhiannon Fox-Rothwell - (2019) - Use of Blue Intensity to Improve Bhutanese Himalayan Temperature Reconstructions

Emily Stewart - (2019) - Investigating 500 Years of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity

Emily Reid - (2018) - Evaluating Tree Response in a Warming World

Kate Kitchens - (2018) - Blue Intensity in the American West

Margaux Grandjean - (2018) - Optimisation of the Scottish Climate Archive: Experimentations with Delta Blue

Sam Cukr - (2017) - Is Blue the Future? An Investigation of Blue Intensity in the Canadian Rockies

Olivia O'Brien - (2017) - Investigating the Relationship between Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations and Volcanic Cooling

Sylvie Clarke (2016) - Calcium: A Brand New Palaeoclimate Proxy from Tree-Rings?

Sasha Wood (2016) - Larch blues: Exploring how blue reflectance of Alpine Larch responds to climate

Mattie Dawson (2016) - Climatic and Hydrological Influences on Scots Pine growth on peat bogs, a study from the Inshriach Forest

Lisi Haberbauer (2015) - Dendroclimatological Investigation of white Spruce in the Southwest Yukon Territory

Rebekah Sayer (2015) - A Dendrochemical Analysis Of heavy metals in the Acidic environment of the Closed Río Tinto Mine

Hannah Fawdon (2014) - Exploring the Potential of Blue Intensity in the Yukon: A Dendroclimatic Reconstruction of Summer Temperatures with White Spruce

David Hall (2014) - What is the Relationship between the growth of Scots Pine trees and Climate in the far North-West Scottish Highlands?

Rohit Rao (2013) - The end of Maximum Latewood Density? A reconstruction of summer temperatures in British Columbia using Blue Intensity measurements of Engelmann Spruce rings

Farah Najeeb (2013) - A dendroecological study of the impact of anthropogenic pollution on Oak trees (Quercus robur) in and around the vicinity of Epping Forest, South East England

Laura Martin (2013) - Potential biases of using subfossil material in dendroclimatology

James Dickinson (2012) - A Teak at the Past: An investigation of the dendrochronological potential of Zambezi Teak

Rachel Nugent (2012) - The importance of forest fire in shaping the present day Scots Pine assemblage, in the area of Abernethy Forest, Cairngorms National Park.

Stacey-Anne Averill (2012) - The Management Legacy: A dendrochronological investigation on the impact of management on Scots Pine in Scotland.

Andrew Martin (2012) - The Effect of Drought on Water Source Utilisation and Growth of Two Differently Adapted Riparian Hardwoods, Fraxinus excelsior and Populus nigra, Using Stable Oxygen Isotope Techniques, Rhone Basin, France

Cristina Evans (2012) - Evaluating a Model of Hyporheic Exchange Flow: Using piezometer data, and the growth patterns and isotopic signatures of riparian trees

Hannah Frith (2012) - Did the Little Ice Age Occur in the Spanish Pyrenees?

Gordon Black (2012) - The Dendrochronology of Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestrus) in the Western Highlands of Scotland.

Dave Stuart (2011) - Climate, Competition or Consumption…… The ‘masting’ phenomenon, what are the controlling factors?

Lauren Witherden (2011) - Dendrochronological Investigations into Slope Processes in the Northern Cairngorms

Rachel Simmonds (2011) - An investigation into rockfall events on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) using ring width and blue intensity parameters in the Cairngorms, Scotland

Rosemary Holdsworth (2011) - The Impact of Rhododendron ponticum on Scotland’s Native Oak Trees

Harry Patton (2010) - A Dendroclimatological Investigation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in the Scottish Highlands

Alex Frith (2009) - Exploring methods of blue intensity in dendrochronology

Milos Rydval (2008) - A dendrochronological study of the impact of industrial sulphate pollution on North Bohemia fir trees

Rowan Jenner (2008) - Violins from Central Europe: A method for identifying the provenance of historical tree-ring data

Laura Begbie (2008) - Dendroecological study of Sitka Spruce in the Scottish Borders in relation to a changing climate

Sam Webster (2007) - Dendrochronological investigations of common Yew (Taxus baccata) in Scotland