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Wilson, R., Allen, K., Baker, P., Blake, S., Boswijk, G., Buckley, B., Cook, E., D'Arrigo, R., Druckenbrod, D., Fowler, A. and Grandjean, M., 2021. Evaluating the dendroclimatological potential of blue intensity on multiple conifer species from Australasia. Biogeosciences Discussions, pp.1-41.

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Timmreck, C., Toohey, M., Zanchettin, D., Brönnimann, S., Lundstad, E. and Wilson, R., 2021. The unidentified eruption of 1809: a climatic cold case. Climate of the Past. [view PDF]

Davi, N.K., Rao, M.P., Wilson, R., Andreu‐Hayles, L., Oelkers, R., D'Arrigo, R., Nachin, B., Buckley, B., Pederson, N., Leland, C. and Suran, B., 2021. Accelerated recent warming and temperature variability over the past eight centuries in the Central Asian Altai from blue intensity in tree rings. Geophysical Research Letters48(16), p.e2021GL092933. [view PDF]

Kaczka, R.J. and Wilson, R., 2021. I-BIND: International Blue Intensity Network Development Working Group. Dendrochronologia, p.125859. [view PDF]

Lücke, L.J., Schurer, A.P., Wilson, R. and Hegerl, G.C., 2021. Orbital forcing strongly influences seasonal temperature trends during the last millennium. Geophysical Research Letters48(4), p.e2020GL088776. [view PDF]

Heeter, K.J., Harley, G.L., Maxwell, J.T., Wilson, R.J., Abatzoglou, J.T., Rayback, S.A., Rochner, M.L. and Kitchens, K.A., 2021. Summer temperature variability since 1730 CE across the low-to-mid latitudes of western North America from a tree ring blue intensity network. Quaternary Science Reviews267, p.107064. [view PDF]

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Mifsud, D.V., Stüeken, E.E. and Wilson, R.J., 2021. A preliminary study into the use of tree-ring and foliar geochemistry as bio-indicators for vehicular NOx pollution in Malta. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies57(3), pp.301-315. [view PDF]


Reid, E. and Wilson, R., 2020. Delta blue intensity vs. maximum density: A case study using Pinus uncinata in the Pyrenees. Dendrochronologia61, p.125706. [view PDF]

D'Arrigo, R., Klinger, P., Newfield, T., Rydval, M. and Wilson, R., 2020. Complexity in crisis: The volcanic cold pulse of the 1690s and the consequences of Scotland's failure to cope. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 389, p.106746. [view PDF]


Wilson, R., Anchukaitis, K., Andreu-Hayles, L., Cook, E., D’Arrigo, R., Davi, N., Haberbauer, L., Krusic, P., Luckman, B., Morimoto, D. and Oelkers, R., 2019. Improved dendroclimatic calibration using blue intensity in the southern Yukon. The Holocene, p.0959683619862037. [view PDF]

Björklund, J., von Arx, G., Nievergelt, D., Wilson, R., Van den Bulcke, J., Günther, B., Loader, N.J., Rydval, M., Fonti, P., Scharnweber, T. and Andreu‐Hayles, L. et al. , 2019. Scientific Merits and Analytical Challenges of Tree‐Ring Densitometry. Reviews of Geophysics. [view PDF]

Anchukaitis, K.J., Cook, E.R., Cook, B.I., Pearl, J., D'Arrigo, R. and Wilson, R., 2019. Coupled Modes of North Atlantic Ocean‐Atmosphere Variability and the Onset of the Little Ice Age. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(21), pp.12417-12426. [view PDF]

Lücke, L., Hegerl, G., Schurer, A. and Wilson, R., 2019. Effects of memory biases on variability of temperature reconstructions. Journal of Climate, (2019). [view PDF]

Wiles, G.C., Charlton, J., Wilson, R.J., D’Arrigo, R.D., Buma, B., Krapek, J., Gaglioti, B.V., Wiesenberg, N. and Oelkers, R., 2019. Yellow-cedar blue intensity tree-ring chronologies as records of climate in Juneau, Alaska, USA. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 49(12), pp.1483-1492. [view PDF]

Toohey, M., Krüger, K., Schmidt, H., Timmreck, C., Sigl, M., Stoffel, M and Wilson, R. 2019. Disproportionately strong climate forcing from explosive extratropical volcanic eruptions. Nature Geoscience, [view PDF] [SI PDF]


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Rydval, M., Druckenbrod, D.L., Svoboda, M., Trotsiuk, V., Janda, P., Mikoláš, M., Čada, V., Bače, R., Teodosiu, M. and Wilson, R. 2018. Influence of sampling and disturbance history on climatic sensitivity of temperature-limited conifers. The Holocene, p.0959683618782605. [view PDF]

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Esper, J., George, S.S., Anchukaitis, K., D'Arrigo, R., Ljungqvist, F.C., Luterbacher, J., Schneider, L., Stoffel, M., Wilson, R. and Büntgen, U., 2018. Large-scale, millennial-length temperature reconstructions from tree-rings. Dendrochronologia, v. 50, p.81-90. doi:10.1016/j.dendro.2018.06.001 [view PDF]

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Wilson, R., D'Arrigo, R., Andreu-Hayles, L., Oelkers, R., Wiles, G., Anchukaitis, K. and Davi, N., 2017. Experiments based on blue intensity for reconstructing North Pacific temperatures along the Gulf of Alaska. Climate of the Past, 13(8), pp.1007-1022 [view PDF]

Wilson, R., Wilson, D., Rydval, M., Crone, A., Büntgen, U., Clark, S., Ehmer, J., Forbes, E., Fuentes, M., Gunnarson, B.E.., Linderholm, H., Nicolussi, K., Wood, C. and Mills, C. 2017. Facilitating tree-ring dating of historic conifer timbers using Blue Intensity. Journal of Archaeological Science, 78, pp.99-111. [view PDF]

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Mills, C.M., Crone, A., Wood, C. and Wilson, R., 2017. Dendrochronologically Dated Pine Buildings from Scotland: The SCOT2K Native Pine Dendrochronology Project. Vernacular Architecture, 48(1), pp.23-43. [view PDF]

2016 and before

Wilson R, Anchukaitis K, Briffa K, Büntgen U, Cook E, D’Arrigo R, Davi N, Esper J, Frank D, Gunnarson B, Hegerl G, Helema S, Klesse S, Krusic P, Linderholm HW, Myglan V, Osborn T, Rydval M, Schneider L, Schurer A, Wiles G, Zhang P, Zorita (2016). Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings: Part I: the long term context. Quaternary Science Reviews 134: 1-18 [view PDF] [SI PDF]

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