Last update: 8-02-2020

Project Aims:

1. To develop and update tree-ring chronologies from ALL semi-natural pine woodlands in the Scottish Highlands.

2. To extend living chronologies using extant, historical or sub-fossil tree-ring material

3. To model the environmental (climatic, ecological or management) influences on Scots pine tree growth with a view to reconstruct past climate as well as improve the understanding of the future response of the native pinewoods, and therefore to assist in future management strategies.

4. To extend the application of native pine dendrochronology for cultural heritage research, including dating and provenancing native Scottish pine timbers in buildings and archaeological sites and revealing the exploitation and management history of the native pinewoods to inform their future conservation.

5. To reconstruct, using physical and chemical methods, the climatic and environmental history of the region for the last 2000 years and possibly back into the early Holocene.




New Papers:

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