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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Group of Bernd Braunecker

Research activities

Condensed matter theory is currently moving from its traditional role of modelling and interpreting existing matter to an active design and control of physical many-body quantum processes with desired physical properties. This is a strong requirement for the quantum technologies that will shape our future.

Luckily this is accompanied by many new challenges of fundamental character that, since they are different from the traditional questions in physics, will lead to a leap forward in our basic understanding of quantum matter. Our research is focused on this aspect: it is driven only by curiosity, but gently directed towards the needs of future technology.

[image of connections between topics]

The picture above shows on the left the main topics of our current research and on the right the goal to bring all these topics to use for the general idea of quantum information processing. The lines and dots indicate the connections between the different topics on which we have been working recently. A few examples of how this looks in practice are described below.