The Physical Sciences Centre of the LTSN (now Higher Education Academy) has this "Special Interest Group" to share interest and expertise in the development and implementation of simulations for use in the teaching of physics and astronomy in UK Higher Education.   The group is convened by Dr Bruce Sinclair at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews.  We have a mailing list on jiscmail.  We have received funding in the form of a development grant from the Centre to provide simulations and support material for UK HE.  The current result of this forms the first part of the contents of this page.  General comments.

Simulations and support material provided by our LTSN-funded development project

The following materials have been licensed from their authors or their institutions and have been made available for use in UK HE. 


Reality Viewer

These are not simulations as such, but a viewer and material to show photographically what happens in various experimental situations as particular parameters are changed.  Topics are currently in geometrical optics, including refraction, total internal reflection, reflections in single and multiple plane mirrors, and concave and convex mirrors used for imaging. 


Simulations and Animations

Support Material


Acknowledgements and Disclaimer regarding the above resources


Simulations, reviews and implementation reports of material covering:-

Links to a variety of simulations and other materials connected with the March 2006 workshop


General Resources

Major Packages

  • CUPS and a "fix" for faster computers
  • Albert
  • CLEA

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