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General Comments

One way that this group can achieve some of its goals is through the sharing of information on the use of simulations in our subjects.  The LTSN (and before that the physics and chemistry CTI centres) have a database of CAL material, and we highlight some within this site.  Some of the pages in our group's site are also devoted to the use of simulations.  Many of the CUPS simulations, for example, are great, but considerable thought has to go in to how best to use them with a group of students.   Many departments will have written bespoke software for simulating (astro)physical events in their courses.  Please share your implementation experience, your software, and your ideas with the others in the group.  Please let us know what resources you would like to see on these pages.   As you can see, there is lots more that could be done.  Please pass material to Bruce Sinclair and he will post it here for others to access.

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