Simulations for March 2006 Workshop

This list of applets has been produced primarily for the Workshop on Simulations on 29 March 2006, but it may have a wider use.  The first sections have some links to useful information, and then I give a number of publicly available animations and simulations that I think you might like to see.  These are only a small subset of all the good stuff that is out there.  Those that I plan to use in my talk I have highlighted. 

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Workshop and related links


Lists of Applets and Flash simulations/animations


Electricity and Magnetism








Thermal Physics


Quantum Mechanics





  • Tutorial on using Flash for creating animations and simulations, University of Toronto
  • Tutorial on using Java, from Sun Microsystems
  • Flash Professional from Pugh Computers Ltd
  • Flash Professional from Adobe site
  • Physlets (use Java scripting to make bespoke applets from the Davidson Source)  [see also Physlets book and CD by W Christian and M Belloni on eg Amazon]

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