ScotGEM academic requirements

To be considered for interview, ScotGEM applicants must have achieved (or be predicted to achieve) a 1st or a 2.1 Honours degree, or equivalent. Arts and Science Honours degrees will be accepted.

To be considered for interview, applicants must have achieved (or be predicted to achieve) the following academic requirements over and above the Honours degree:

  • Chemistry Higher or A level (Grade A or B) or equivalent.
    Undergraduate level Chemistry might be considered instead of Higher or A-level Chemistry; 30 credits of pure Chemistry (Biochemistry would not be considered) at high grades at undergraduate level would be required. For more information, email
  • Mathematics Standard Grade (Credit 1 or 2) or Intermediate 2 (grade A or B) or National 5 (Grade A or B) or GCSE (Grade B) or equivalent.
  • Up-to-date study skills.
    Applicants must have undertaken academic study in the last three years prior to entry to ScotGEM (for example, to apply in 2018 for 2019 entry, up-to-date study means that you were enrolled in study no earlier than September 2016). Academic study that would meet the requirement would include: an undergraduate degree, a Masters, a PhD, an Open University 30 credit module or any qualification at an SCQF Level 6 (with a minimum of 24 credits). 

Applicants should also note the following entry exceptions:

  • Applicants will not be considered if their first degree does not meet this requirement, even if they subsequently gain further degrees (2.1 or 1st class Honours degree, Masters or PhD).
  • Applicants who are on, or have been on, a medicine degree course will not be considered. This includes transfer students or those on an intercalating degree.
The information above is for 2019 entry. For 2020 entry, only 20 credits of pure Chemistry at undergraduate level are required. In addition, up-to-date study requirements will be met by study in preparation for GAMSAT, and other further study won't be required.