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Scottish-Canadian Medical programme videos

Below you can find a collection of videos which highlight some key aspects of the Scottish-Canadian Medical programme. 

The Scottish-Canadian Medical programme

Discover what this unique collaborative programme between the Universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and Alberta offers Canadian students and how you can benefit from studying in Scotland before returning to Canada as a qualified doctor.


Benefits of the programme

Graduates of the Scottish-Canadian Medical programme get a whole range of benefits when they return to Canada as international medical graduates. Discover the advantages of studying internationally before returning to Canada for CaRMS.


Preparation for CaRMS

Throughout the Scottish-Canadian Medical programme, you will be mentored and assisted to help you through the CaRMS process. With expert Canadian guidance, you will be in a great position to return back to Canada for your residency.


Programme structure

Discover more about the unique structure of the Scottish-Canadian Medical programme, including the degrees you will be awarded, the three years at St Andrews, three years at Edinburgh and the attachment in Alberta.


The admissions process

Learn about the admissions process for the Scottish-Canadian Medical programme, including eligibility, the testing you will need to sit, where to find out detailed admissions information, and who to contact to find out more.


What do students and parents say?

Hear from students who are graduating from St Andrews and their parents on what appealed to them about the programme and how they have found living in Scotland and studying at St Andrews.