Local representatives

The University of St Andrews works with local representatives, also known as agents, in a number of countries.

These representatives have been carefully selected by the University and are authorised by the University to give advice and assistance to prospective students about studying at and applying to the University of St Andrews.

The websites and contact details for University representatives are located in the entry requirements section of the University website (for an example, see the Thailand entry requirements page). The University does not maintain any relationship with an agent whose details are not listed on the University website.

Prospective applicants to the University may apply by visiting the apply section or through an approved agent. Individual applications are judged on their own merits – whether the application is made privately or through an agent does not affect the strength of the application.

What to expect from representatives

The University regularly visits its agents and provides training on:

  • the student experience in St Andrews
  • the programmes offered by the University
  • the application process.

Representatives are paid by the University for their services.

Prospective students should expect the following from representatives:

  • Representatives will give advice and assistance throughout the application process, including in preparing and submitting required documents. Applicants should maintain control over their application and are ultimately responsible for their application account and managing communications to and from the account.
  • Representatives will have full access to information contained in applications and may manage applications by discussing this information with the University.
  • Representatives should be honest and accurate in communicating information about the University and the application process.
  • Representatives should not disseminate false or misleading information to prospective students or to the University.
  • Representatives will conduct themselves with fairness and integrity at all times.

Issues with University representatives

If a University representative does not meet the stated expectations, prospective students can contact Admissions (admissions@st-andrews.ac.uk) to change representative.

If you wish to make a complaint, compliment, or share your experience of using a University representative, please contact admissions@st-andrews.ac.uk. Comments and insight are always welcome.