Why St Andrews

St Andrews is a unique place to study and live. Nestled on the east coast of Scotland, students may find themselves crossing golf-courses on their way to class, or jogging along the beach after dinner. Not only does the University have a world-class reputation, it also offers a diverse range of social activities, including over 140 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Historic buildings are juxtaposed against the modern facilities, and the many student traditions truly make studying at St Andrews an unforgettable experience. 

From cutting-edge facilities to flexible assessment methods, the University aims to ensure that all students get as much as possible from a St Andrews education. Discover what makes a degree from St Andrews so sought after.

St Andrews students are some of the most satisfied in the country. Find out what makes our student experience so unique.

From career crises to health issues, the University is committed to offering all of our students help, guidance and advice wherever it is needed. There is a strong support network of advisers based in the University who can help you with any problems you have.

There is a huge variety of societies, sports clubs and recreational activities available in St Andrews. Find out more about the Students' Association, the Athletic Union and the student traditions which make St Andrews unique.

From concert halls, theatre stages, and sporting fields, to the innovative and cutting-edge laboratories in our research centres, the University offers facilities to help you achieve your potential wherever your interests lie.

St Andrews is a small town nestled on a rocky headland overlooking the North Sea. As well as three beaches and historic buildings, the town is home to dozens of cafés and boutique shops, with both Dundee and Edinburgh only a short journey away.

The benefits of studying at St Andrews stretch far beyond graduation. Whether you intend to go on to further study or a career, we can help you to realise the future you envisage.

If you're interested in studying in St Andrews, take a look at our available courses along with entry requirements, fee outlines, and other information. With so many degree routes and research areas, there is bound to be a course for you.

The University of St Andrews offers over 900 undergraduate courses and a large number of postgraduate opportunities. Take a look at our Prospectus page to download or order the current Prospectus.