Global PhDs

The University of St Andrews is pleased to offer tailored opportunities for collaborative PhDs through our Global PhD programme. Global PhDs provide the ability for doctoral students to undertake research at both St Andrews and a nominated partner institution and with two (or more) academic supervisors. These programmes, often known as 'co-tutelles', encourage wider research collaboration than for many standard PhDs and give an international focus whilst making the most of subject-matter expertise from a range of partners. They lead to a jointly awarded degree from the two institutions and involve at least 12 months of research at each university.

To discuss a potential co-tutelle degree, please contact the Global Office by emailing

Typically a student wishing to undertake a Global PhD should expect to have to comply with relevant requirements which may include a need to:

  • Apply to each institution following their standard requirements for PhD students;
  • Meet any relevant entry requirements for each institution, which may include a prior qualification such as a two-year Masters degree;
  • Ensure awareness of the expectations of a PhD student at each institution, including possible taught components;
  • Satisfy any national immigration requirements, including associated costs, for each host country;
  • Meet any relevant tuition or other fee requirements of the institutions unless supported by funding covering that tuition fee;
  • Follow agreed requirements on examination process, which may necessitate a non-standard format to meet policy for each institution.

The University of St Andrews welcomes interest in developing new Global PhD programmes. For more information, please see our Global PhDs - information for partners (PDF) .

Global PhD partners

Students should be aware that not all institutions offer co-tutelle degrees. Students should also check to see if the scholarships and funding arrangements they have in place allow for a co-tutelle.

St Andrews has established co-tutelle agreements with a range of partners in the past and usually has a number of current arrangements underway. So long as both institutions and both supervisors are willing to enter into a co-tutelle partnership, you may apply for one with any relevant institution.

St Andrews also currently has agreements with the following partner institutions which students may apply to:

Global St Andrews Doctoral scholarships

We are delighted to announce a call for applications for Global St Andrews Doctoral scholarships for 2023-2024 entry in a range of subjects at established partner universities. The Global Doctoral scholarships are supported by funding from St Leonard's Postgraduate College.

These Global PhDs are for specific doctoral research projects to be defined by co-supervisors working at St Andrews and an existing partner institution.


  • Up to 8 fully-funded (fees and stipend) scholarships provided by St Leonard’s Postgraduate College for joint degree programmes with existing international partner institutions
  • Available for new UK or international doctoral students starting their degree in the 2023-2024 academic year who meet the entry requirements of both institutions
  • Supervisor-led competition open to all Schools

The scholarships provide for tuition fees and a stipend at RCUK rates for the period of time spent at the University of St Andrews in a joint doctoral programme where it is expected that around half the time will be spent at each of two specified institutions. The partner institution is expected to provide corresponding funding for the periods spent with them, and the application for a Global Doctoral scholarship should indicate the details of partner funding.