William and Mary

About the institution

Established in 1693, William & Mary is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States, and home to around 8,400 students. William & Mary is one of only eight ‘Public Ivy’ institutions in the USA, and is widely recognised for its academic reputation, beautiful campus and vibrant community. Like St Andrews, William & Mary is located in a lively historic town, which is home to around 20,000 people (including students).

Our relationship

The University of St Andrews and William & Mary have been collaborating strongly in education for many years. Our flagship collaboration is our joint 4-year undergraduate degree programme, the BA International Honours. The programme is one of the oldest joint undergraduate programmes established between a European and an American Higher Education Institution. Students spend an equal amount of time in their Junior Honours and Senior Honours at both institutions and receive a degree transcript from each institution. There are regular meetings between the academic and professional staff who support the programme, and a joint student partnership.

St Andrews and William & Mary also collaborate on a range of activities, including:

  • Undergraduate student exchange.
  • Collaboration on summer schools.
  • First Abroad exchanges for undergraduates who participated in one of St Andrews’ access projects.
  • Academic staff exchange.
  • A May Symposium, held every two years.

William & Mary - St Andrews strategic partnership

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