Charles University

About the institution

Charles University was founded in 1348 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. It was the first university in Central Europe, and remains one of the region's leading institutions. Charles University has nearly 59,000 students and 17 Faculties. These are mostly located in and around the historic centre of Prague, with three faculties based in nearby Hradec Králové and Plzeň. Charles University has an excellent research reputation, a rich history and a welcoming culture for students and staff.

Our relationship

Educational contact between Charles and St Andrews was first established in the Middle Ages, when the writings of Laurence of Lindores were widely read in Prague. In the early twentieth century, St Andrews received a quincentenary scroll from Charles University, and research contact was ongoing. In the 1930s and 1940s, both universities hosted astronomer Erwin Finlay-Freundlich when he was forced to leave Germany. Assisted by her husband, St Andrews graduate Willa Muir also made the first English translations of the work of Charles University graduate Franz Kafka.

Building on friendly relations and research links across all faculties, Charles University and St Andrews signed a strategic partnership agreement at the end of 2019.

St Andrews and Charles collaborate on a range of activities, including:

Charles-St Andrews strategic partnership

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