Social Justice and the Circular Economy

23 May 2023

On Tuesday 16th May, academics, policymakers, and third sector representatives were hosted in St Andrews to discuss Social Justice and the Circular Economy in the context of the forthcoming Circular Economy Bill (Scotland) and accompanying roadmap.

The bill will likely include enabling powers that will strengthen Scotland’s attempt to make its economy more circular by lessening reliance on virgin natural resources, keeping materials and products in use for longer, and improving recycling rates. Social justice issues are not always at the forefront of circular economy debates but participants in this policy workshop recognised that reshaping the economy to make it more sustainable also represents an opportunity to tackle poverty and inequality, and promote wellbeing and social value.

The event was organised by Dr Patrick O’Hare, UKRI Future Leader Fellow (FLF) in the Department of Social Anthropology in partnership with Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland.