Fighting COVID-19 in the Xingu Indigenous Territory

5 November 2020

The Department of Social Anthropology and the Centre for Amerindian Studies recently created a special collaboration with Wauja filmmaker Piratá Waujá and Factum Foundation.

St Andrews had the privilege of premiering Piratá's film about the Wauja community and its attempts to keep their village safe from COVID-19. The film looks at village life during the pandemic, including the work of village shamans as healers.

Having seen the film, staff and students had a unique opportunity to talk live with Piratá, relayed via Zoom from the village to the University's Panopto lecture service, and ask questions about the making of the film and the current situation in the Waujá village.

Further information:

Wauja villagers using hand sanitizer

Wauja villager on motor scooter

Wauja villager smoking in a hut