The PhD requires three years of research and a full doctoral dissertation of typically 60,000-80,000 words.

Applicants without a masters degree equivalent to the SASP MLitt degree may be initially admitted to the MLitt. Progression to the PhD from the MLitt depends on two conditions: (1) There must be a suitable supervisor for your intended project; and (2) Satisfactory performance on the MLitt. The requirement for continuing to the SASP PhD is an average of at least 16 overall on the MLitt, on the St Andrews 20-point grading scale. Due to the second condition, acceptance onto the PhD can only be officially confirmed in September, after your MLitt dissertation has been assessed.

Applicants with a masters degree equivalent to the SASP MLitt can apply for direct entry to the PhD.

Tutoring Opportunities

The SASP programme provides opportunities for suitably qualified postgraduate research students, with the consent of their supervisor, to deliver tutorials on sub-honours modules. The allocation of teaching responsibilities is dependent on varying factors and SASP is not in a position to be able to guarantee that all postgraduate research students will be provided with teaching experience during their period of study. It is important to note that it is not possible for a postgraduate research student to fully support themselves by teaching.