Minorities and Philosophy

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is an international network of students that aims at addressing issues of inclusivity and minority participation in Philosophy. The network is represented in the UK by MAP UK and by the chapters from different Philosophy departments.

The aim of the MAP chapter of SASP is to, on the one hand, open the conversation in our departments about issues related to gender identity, class, race, disabilities, among other topics, and about the different ways of doing philosophy. We also aim at addressing the more practical and pressing issues faced by students from under-represented backgrounds. Ultimately, as graduate students, we hope our efforts help in removing the barriers that might be impeding students from these backgrounds to thrive in Philosophy.

The MAP chapter of SASP:

(i) offers support, resources and establishes a network of students from under-represented and disadvantaged groups in philosophy,

(ii) collaborates and engages in a dialogue with the faculty to make philosophy at both universities more inclusive,

(iii) explores ways to make philosophical discussions and debates more accessible, and

(iv) organizes activities and events that allow us to tackle these issues but that also give us the opportunity of socialising, thus fighting the isolation that, at times, comes with life as a graduate student.

We represent minorities in both the postgraduate community as well as undergraduate philosophers in St Andrews and Stirling. In St Andrews, the undergraduate arm of the chapter is the Society for Women and Minorities.

To find out more about our initiative and learn about current and past activities, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.